Like all parents, I wanted to give my children the best start in life so I began creating fun activities to support them when learning which would help them develop key skills. My oldest son really enjoyed learning and would challenge himself from a young age to exceed in his learning. However, when my youngest son showed little interest in learning, and questioned why characters in books did not resemble him it made me question if this was the reason he was unable to engage and enjoy in learning activities. From this, I decided to create products that he was more likely to resonate well with, getting him excited, engaged and more so, willing to learn which worked amazingly! He loved how he could see himself through the learning materials. My creations allowed him to track his own progress, trace letters and words; what he loved the most was that he was able to wipe it all away and start again!

In a moment of inspiration, I began creating many characters at home and with the support of a graphic designer I was able to bring them all to life behind the scenes. Further, through my social media account, I continued to teach both my children with homemade methods and products; I couldn't believe how many other parents wanted my help, they all wanted me to share my methods! Parents increasingly started to reach out asking me to guide them on how to get their children engaged with learning activities, and THAT was my fuel! Parents from all different backgrounds saw the positive effect my work had on my boys and wanted to see that quick positive result within their children.

Today, we now have a successful business that we can call our own because, without them, I would have never thought of this! I feel very flattered, I absolutely love what I do and feel delighted when parents tell me how my products have really helped their little ones learn. I wanted to continue receiving updates and comments from parents so I thought maybe we could all share our methods; that's exactly why I decided to name our business Village Education; because, in my culture, and many others we truly believe it takes a village to raise a child.

Here at Village Education, we understand that there is a gap in the market regarding learning materials that represent the world. Therefore, we take pride in representing children from different ethnic backgrounds, with our main focus on, but not limited to children from African/Caribbean households. We are here to achieve a development and learning environment in which all individuals are represented. We aim to, together raise children who will have equal access to opportunities and resources, whilst combating racial bias in the early years of a child’s developmental stages.